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Northern Lights Collaborative Arts & Community Symposium

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The Northern Lights Mythically Marvellous Circus & Symposium Invites

Community Builders, Change-Makers, Visionaries & Philanthropists...

To Bring Your Dreams to Life!

In afternoon of Circus Performance, Panel Discussions and Audience Cross-Pollination and Connection.


Our two panel discussions and performances will explore the themes of...


... we will journey through our Intrinsic Nature to be giving, compassionate, and generators of love while deepening into our Building Blocks for creating Wholesome and Thriving Communities.

Meet our Collaborators for our upcoming event

Host and Facilitator: Warren Hooley

Human Nature Panelists

Our discussion on Human Nature will explore what it means to be human. Were we designed to be consuming and taking everything from our surroundings? Or were we designed to be givers and generators through loving actions?

Resilience & Foundation Panelists

Exploring the building blocks of building strong, resourceful, and environmentally connected communities.

 “Audience Cross Pollination and Connection"

At our event, our talented facilitator and host Warren Hooley and skillful clowns will lead our audience into the formation of groups. Our groups will be lead on a journey into exploring their dreams of the past, present, future and their resources, skills, gifts and talents. 

From there, our groups will be guided into a process of designing a integrative activity to bring their dreams to life!

Be it beach clean up, feeding the homeless, helping someone clean their garage... whatever THAT group feels inspired to do BASED on their dreams, resources and unique group interests.

~~Schedule of Events ~~

Doors Open at 1130 ~ Show at 12.


~Act 2: Resilience & Foundation~

3:10-3:25pm Clown Performance

3:30-4:20pm Panel Discussion

~ Exploring our building blocks for creating wholesome and thriving communities. Speaking to supporting the children and ecosystem, resilience and sovereignty with our food and natural remedies, working together, creating space for participation...

4:30-6pm Audience Group Dialogue exploring their Dreams, Resources & Needs, woven with Circus Performances


~ Act 1: Human Nature ~

12-12:45pm Circus Performance

1-1:50pm Panel Discussion

~A conversation exploring and speaking to compassion, giving, the importance of genuine connection, being magical and free, serving with joy and more...

2-2:20pm Facilitated Audience Group Dialogue

2:30- 3:00pm Lunch, tea, mingle



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1) IS THIS A KID FRIENDLY EVENT? Yes :) There will be a Mythically Marvellous Kids Exploratorium within the Exhibition Hall. Please register your children upon entry to the event. 

2) WILL THERE BE FOOD AT THIS EVENT? Yes, we will be offering a lunch during our 30 minute break. There will be vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and every-thing-a-tarian options. We will also be serving nourishing coffees, teas, infused water and desert. Catering provided by Chickpea and Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary 

3) WHAT HAPPENS IN THESE “AUDIENCE GROUPS”?  This event is a fun-filled experiment of exploring what we can create together when we come together to play, learn and interact. The PURPOSE of the groups is to support each other and see how we can bring amazing shifts in our city. In the groups you will: have an opportunity to share your dreams for the future (best case scenario), what resources you have to bring this into being, and figure out a way to make this come to life!

4) WHAT SHOULD I BRING TO THIS EVENT? Please bring: a pen (or crayon), sense of humour, previous reflections on your dreams, resources and needs, your own reusable drinking container and an open heart. 

5) IS THERE GOING TO BE A DANCE PARTY NEARBY THAT I CAN ATTEND? BECAUSE I WILL BE SO EXCITED AND WONT WANT TO LEAVE... Great question!! Yes! There WILL be a dance part in the SAME room! It is being hosted by the Sama Dance Community. You will need to purchase a ticket separately for that event. There will be chocolate and food and great dance music. 

6) Please email us with any other questions.


Come and Join our Mythically Marvellous Circus & Symposium.... we are Weaving New Blueprints for Humanity through Inspired Action and Transformative Arts.

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Thank You!

To our AMAZING media sponsor: Roundhouse Radio who will be doing a live radio interview March 20th at 2pm and will be attending our event Live On Location during our symposium!

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