If each challenge was an opportunity for growth, then humanity has a wellspring of potential for excellence.


About Us

There is no one person to unravel our human predicament. It is through collaboration that we will unlock our human potential and co-create a world that is beautiful, bountiful and blissful for all.

The Northern Lights team came together through attraction of resonant life purposes. We are all passionate about celebrating and honouring cross- cultural-generational-historical wisdom and love for the planet and humanity. We believe that in our city, we have all of the resources, knowledge and skills needed to be a consciously empowered, resilient, and thoughtful community. In a time when isolation and segregation are negatively impacting our health and wellbeing, we aim to spark meaningful relationships, which foster inclusion and belonging.

The Northern Lights is a coalition of artists, solutionaries, activists, healers, and all paradigm shifters who are dedicated to assisting humanity attune to harmonious ways of being on Earth. Protecting the sacredness off all living things is the foundation of the company. Our community symposiums are passion projects, which serve to bring enthusiastic, sustainable and meaningful engagement in Vancouver. We create events that are packed with entertainment and education as a means to providing a platform for visible action and integration in the community.



The concept of The Northern Lights came as an answer to a long-standing question: What is with our world today? It is difficult to ignore that our species has created substantial damage to both the ecosystem and our relationship with all life on Earth. Through the ages, there has been an untamable yearning towards peace and harmony, with countless waves of victory. So why do we continue to collectively manifest destruction?

One challenge we face is a throwaway culture. Under the premise of simple laws of physics, nothing is neither created nor destroyed. Energy is only transferable. Therefore, the mess that we have collectively created cannot be hidden or buried without some sort of process of transformation.

It is a trap in our minds to forget that all we see exists on both the inside and outside. Society has jointly agreed on a very narrow and limiting reality of perception, plagued with doubt and fear. Giving power and responsibility to everything we deem outside of ourselves, thus feeling entitled to blame, judge and become apathetic. Yet, it has been shown time and time again that when we rise in our empowerment, our true nature creates enormous and everlasting shifts in our world.


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