The Northern Lights  Community Symposium is a collaborative arts event. we will inspire you with spectacular circus performances, move you with Engaged panel discussions and activate you to create locally TRANSFORMATIVE projects!

Northern Lights Silks

Our Beginning

Our story begins with where we started... at home with family.

We are the seeds. The channels of enchantment who sew, germinate and blossom transformation through a collaborative & inclusive lens. We are the vision keepers and changemakers the future of Earth and humanity.


“A happy and healthy community is not a fairytale. All you need is a seed.”

— NADIA Shabazz


The Arrangement 

  • Circus Performance
  • Panel Discussion
  • Facilitated audience breakout groups

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A little sparkle goes a long way

A little sparkle goes a long way


Our Mission

The Northern Lights is committed to making a positive impact in Vancouver through: 

  • Using the beauty of circus performance as a channel for inspiration - we spark passion for life & inspire a sense of belonging
  • Inviting expert panelists to engage with the audience in compelling conversations 
  • Facilitating engagement between the audience and the wider Vancouver community through local projects
Forget-me-not ( Myosotis scorpioides )

Forget-me-not (Myosotis scorpioides)



The biggest problem local Vancouverites face is loneliness

Bee and bird populations are decreasing in Vancouver

93% of fruit and 46% of vegetables consumed in BC are imported from outside Canada

There is a raise in obesity, autism, learning disabilities and disconnect from nature in children

4/10 British Columbians are inactive, obese, overweight


Thousands of people are homeless and without basic nurturance and compassion in our streets

Thousands of elders are alone and poorly cared for in Vancouver


Rather than continuing to create anew, what can we do to distribute the resources that we already have? 


Get Involved

Does the vision resonate with you?

Do you have knowledge, time or resourses to share?

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