April 14th at the Roundhouse Community Centre was a huge success. It could not have happened with out you! We would love to hear from you! Please give us your feedback so that we can learn and grow for the next event!

performer, panelist, clown, volunteer, organizer, audience?
What went well? What suggestions can you offer for the future?
Did your kids have a good time? Did you feel your kids were in good hands? Any questions, comments, concerns about the children’s exploratorium?
Was the event organized?
Was the event description clear?
Did you feel welcomed by the space?
Were the themes of the afternoon clear?
Did you enjoy the panel discussions?
Did you enjoy the group discussions?
Was there enough time in your group for deep conversation?
Did you find a dream which you’d like to deepen and explore?
Do you feel it is possible to bring your dream to life?